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Skiing and Snowboarding in the Zermatt - Cervinia Snowsports Region; 360 km (224 miles) of well groomed slopes and plenty of off-piste itineraries
The Zermatt - Cervinia Snowsports Region offers a total of 360 km (224 miles) of well groomed slopes. It consists of five ski areas that are linked together: the Sunnegga-Rothorn, the Gornergrat-Stockhorn, the Schwarzsee, the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, and the Breuil-Cervinia / Valtournenche in Italy. Get an overview of the whole ski area with the Zermatt Ski Map.

57 mountain rides of the Zermatt - Cervinia Snowsports Region get skiers and snowboarders up to as high as 3,899 m (12,789 ft)57 mountain rides starting at 1,620 m (5,314 ft) asl are accessing the hills and peaks of up to 3,899 m (12.789 ft) at the Klein Matterhorn. There are 15 skilifts, 22 chairlifts, 10 gondolas, 8 aerial cableways, 1 funicular and 1 mountain railway. Depending on snow conditions and the season, the Zermatt - Cervinia Snowsports Region is offering more than 120 runs of all levels - approx. 20% are easy, 60% are intermediate, and 20% are difficult pistes. With its high altitude, the runs on the glaciers, and artificial snowmaking on some runs, Zermatt is able to guarantee snow on 70% of its slopes.

Zermatt - Cervinia with 38 km (24 miles) of unprepared powder snow slopes and several heli-skiing mountains - an attractive destination for freeridersThe Zermatt - Cervinia Snowsports Region has several special features to offer: it shares some mountains and slopes with Italy and thus, in one day it is possible to ski / snowboard in two countries; the 25 km (miles) run from the top of the Klein Matterhorn back to Zermatt is one of Europe's longest runs; all five areas not only offer beginner slopes and ski gardens managed by ski schools, but also 38 km (24 miles) of off-piste slopes for advanced skiers / snowboarders and freeriders, and there are several heli-landing sites, including Monte Rosa, at 4,100 m (13,448 ft) the highest drop-off point in the Swiss Alps; the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is one of only a few snowsports areas in Europe that is able to offer summer skiing; freestylers find plenty of challenges on the slopes and especially on the "Gravity Snow Park"; and finally, more than 50 mountain huts, restaurants and bars offer a variety of drinks and food - traditional Swiss Cuisine on the northern slopes, and Italian dishes on the southern slopes....

Zermatt Mountains:
Sunnegga - Rothorn:
Sunnegga - the hub of Zermatt's Sunnegga - Rothorn snowsports area
Within three minutes Sunnegga, the "sunny corner" is reached from Zermatt by underground funicular. From Sunnegga, the hub at 2,888 m (9,473 ft), chairlifts, gondolas and slopes open up this snowsports area with its highest point at the Rothorn (3,103 m / 10,178 ft). Sunnegga - Rothorn offers a family skiing area at Findeln with a ski garden and blue slopes, but also black runs and off-piste skiing from the Rothorn. With a chairlift to Breitboden, and/or the cable car Gant - Hohtälli, this area further is connected to the Gornergrat - Stockhorn snowsports area.

Gornergrat - Stockhorn:
The Gornergrat cogwheel railway departs from the center of Zermatt and within 33 minutes (including four stops) brings passengers up to the Gornergrat at 3,089 m (10,132 ft). Up there, skiers and snowboarders have two options: either ski / snowboard to Gant, and then by cable car up to the Hohtälli in order to connect to the skilift for accessing the Stockhorn, at 3,532 m (11,585 ft) the highest point of this snowsports area which offers moguls and off-piste slopes for advanced skiers and freeriders; or remain in the Riffelberg-Gornergrat area which features a chairlift and several blue and red runs. The Riffelberg also is reached by gondola from Furi, which is the link to the Schwarzsee and the Matterhorn Paradise snowsports areas. Furi also is reached from the Gornergrat - Stockhorn area by ski or snowboard on red runs via Riffelalp.

The "Matterhorn Express Gondola"  

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise:


Snow Parks:
Gravity Snow Park:

The Gravity Snow Park, situated at the Furggsattel Chairlift of the Matterhorn Paradise, is a varied and creative snow park that has something to offer for all levels of skill. Airtime, smooth transitions, easy slides or hard rails - hobby riders and pro's, old or young can have lots of fun at the Gravity Park which features five lines with the following elements: Halfpipe, Small Kicker; Big Kicker; Easy Cross, and the Jibline. Get an overview with the Gravity Park Map.

There are several heli-landing sites on the many peaks surrounding Zermatt. In fact, Air Zermatt Helicopters offers no less than 10 downhill runs in open country. The highlight is the Monte Rosa (4,100 m / 13,448 ft) which allows for a run with an altitude difference of 2,600 m (8,530 ft). Further options are the Aeschhorn (3,541 m / 11,615 ft) with various downhill itineraries, the Alphubeljoch (3,839 m / 12,592 ft) or the Theodul Glacier (3,450 m / 11,316 ft) where the runs end in the Matterhorn Paradise area. In addition, it also is possible to fly to other peaks of the Valais Alps (e.g. Ebnefluh at 3,853 m / 12,638 ft), or to sites on the Italian side such as the Lysjoch (4,151 m / 13,612 ft) or the Tête de Valpelline (3,802 m / 12,471 ft).
Please Note: Heli-skiing tours require the company of a mountain guide or ski instructor.

Summer Skiing:

At the top of the Klein Matterhorn at 3,899 m (12,789 ft), Zermatt features not only the highest, but also the largest summer skiing area in Europe. 21 km (13 miles) of groomed runs and six skilifts remain open all summer. The majority of the pistes is quite suitable for beginners and intermediates, but this summer snow area is sufficiently large to offer something for everyone - there's a line of moguls for advanced skiers, and snowboarders and freestylers find challenges and fun at the two half-pipes and the summer snowboard park.

SnowSports School: