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in the Verbier - 4-Vallées Snowsports Region

Off-Piste Skiing in the Verbier - 4-Valleys region, Switzerland's largest ski areaThe Verbier - 4-Vallées region offers more than 410 km (255 miles) of well groomed slopes connecting four valleys and six resorts with their respective mountains. Almost half of the runs are considered part of the Verbier mountains, including the resorts of La Tzoumaz and Bruson, while the other slopes belong to the mountain resorts of Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Thyon. The 4-Vallées is the largest ski area located entirely in Switzerland, and is very popular among expert and off-piste skiers and snowboarders. Get an overview of the whole ski area with the Verbier - 4-Vallées Ski Map.

Modern Mountain Rides of the Verbier - 4-Vallées ski region
92 mountain rides
starting at 821 - 1,500 m (2,693 - 4,920 ft) are accessing the hills and peaks of up to 3,330 m (10.922 ft) at the Mont-Fort. The 4-Valleys region offers guaranteed snow on countless slopes of all levels - 39% are considered blue (easy), 44% are red (medium) and 17% are black (difficult). Verbier is well known for its black runs, and in addition, its reputation as a prime destination for expert skiers and snowboarders is thanks to the numerous off-piste possibilities - a true off-piste enthusiast's paradise!

Verbier, the Alpine Capital of Off-Piste Skiing and Snowboarding
The 4-Valleys region also features several children ski gardens and four Snow Parks spread over the whole area, and night-time fun on the slopes at Thyon. In addition to be known as the "Alpine Capital" of off-piste skiing, Verbier is also a major heli-skiing destination in the Alps. Petit Combin, Rosablanche, Trient Glacier or Pigne d'Arolla are some of the heli-skiing landing sites near Verbier which allow for long, unforgettable runs in an unspoiled mountain scenery.

4-Vallées Mountains:
Verbier & La Tzoumaz - Savoleyres:
Savoleyres, Verbier's "Home-Mountain" for relaxed snowsports including a 10 km sledge ride to La TzoumazThe Savoleyres at 2,354 m (7,721 ft) is accessed by gondola from Verbier as well as from La Tzoumaz. In addition, there are three chairlifts on the North-Side (La Tzoumaz), and one chairlift plus 2 skilifts on the South-Side (Verbier). The Savoleyres offers a total of 55 km (34 miles) of groomed runs, of which 62% are considered blue (easy), 33% are red (medium) and just 5% are black (difficult). This mountain provides for plenty of food and refreshments at the numerous restaurants and huts at the top and along the slopes, it features a children ski-garden each in La Tzoumaz as well as on the Verbier side, two slopes for competitions and a paragliding starting point. Finally, Savoleyres is well known for its 10 km (6.2 miles) sledge run down to La Tzoumaz.

Verbier - La Chaux and Verbier - Attelas - Chassoure:
The Attelas terrain of the Verbier - 4-Valleys ski region with the Mont-Gele gondolaFrom Verbier/Médran two gondolas access this main ski area of the 4-Valleys; via Les Ruinettes at 2,200 m (7,216 ft) one either continues via Fontanet (2,482 m / 8,141 ft) to La Chaux (2,260 m / 7,413 ft), from where the Mont-Fort is accessed, or via Attelas (2,727 m / 8,945 ft) to Chassoure (2,740 m / 8,987 ft) which is the connection to the Nendaz/Veysonnaz terrain. Some 20 mountain rides (gondolas and chairlifts) connect all these mountains with a ski area totaling almost 100 km (60 miles) of groomed slopes of which more than half are intermediate and experts slopes, and about 45% are blue runs. Experts skiers and snowboarders will find the numerous off-piste options challenging - especially the Mont-Gelé at 3,023 m (9,915 ft) which is accessed by cable car from Attelas and which is one of only a few mountains with no pistes coming down ! This area also offers Verbier's snow park at La Chaux, numerous restaurants and mountain huts, and two paragliding starting points.

Mont-Fort, the highest point of the 4-Vallées with its famous mogulsMont-Fort - the heart of the 4-Valleys region ! At 3,330 m (10,922 ft) it offers panoramic views of the Alps encompassing the Matterhorn and the Mont-Blanc as well as several 4,000 m (13,120 ft) peaks in between. Mont-Fort is best accessed from Verbier - from Médran to Les Ruinettes, to La Chaux, to Col des Gentianes, and finally by gondola up to the top. The Mont-Fort also is reached from Nendaz (via Tracouet, Plan-du-Fou, Siviez, Tortin and Col des Gentianes), as well as from Veysonnaz/Thyon (via Combatzeline to Siviez, Tortin and Col des Gentianes). With its popular moguls, Mont-Fort is for expert skiers and boarders only !

Bruson, a little known pearl of the 4-Valleys ski region and the Verbier - St. Bernard Tourism regionThough part of the Verbier - St. Bernard tourism region, Bruson is not connected by slopes or mountain rides to the other 4-Valleys ski areas. Bruson, the small, little known resort located across the valley from Verbier, with perfect sun exposure is reached by car or bus from Le Chable (a cable car connection from Le Chable is in the pipeline....). Starting at 1,080 m (3,542 ft) the Bruson ski area features two chairlifts and two skilifts up to as high as 2,232 m (7,321 ft), and 48 km (30 miles) of groomed runs of which 48% are blue, 14% are red and 38% are black. Its sparsely forested slopes allow for great powder skiing, and the restaurants offer local specialties and fantastic views of the Mont Blanc Massif.

Nendaz / Siviez:
Mt. Tracouet, a sunny plateau above Nendaz, a popular ski resort of the 4-Valleys regionNendaz at 1,400 m (4,592 ft) is centrally located in the 4-Valleys ski region, and in fact, the Mont-Fort is situated within the commune of Nendaz. Above the village is a sunny plateau, the Tracouet at 2,200 m (7,216 ft) which is accessed be gondola. Nendaz' "Home-Mountain" with a ski garden, a couple of ski lifts and a chairlift is ideal for children and beginners, and with its two snowparks also attracts freestylers. Other more advanced skiers and snowboarders continue to the Plan-du-Fou (2,430 m / 7,970 ft) by ski lift and gondola, from where to ski/snowboard down to Siviez. This small resort at 1,730 m (5,674 ft) also is reached by bus or car on a 7 km (4.4 miles) road from Nendaz. Siviez is the gateway to the other areas of the 4-Valleys: via Tortin, Chassoure and Attelas to the west, the Verbier terrain, or to the Mont-Fort via Tortin and Col des Gentianes in the middle, and via Combatzeline to the east, the ski area of Veysonnaz/Thyon. The lifts of Nendaz, Siviez and Veysonnaz/Thyon form the "Printze Ski Area" offering 50 mountain rides totally and 220 km (137 miles) of groomed slopes; the majority are red (intermediate) runs, but there also are plenty of blue runs for beginners as well as black runs for experts skiers and snowboarders, plus of course, challenging off-piste options.

Veysonnaz / Thyon:
Thyon 2000 - gateway to the 4-Vallées Ski Region situated on a plateau in the Valais Alps above the Rhone ValleyVeysonnaz is a picturesque sunny mountain resort located at 1,400 m (4,592 ft) asl with an amazing view over the Rhone Valley and its capital city Sion. Skiers and snowboarders access the slopes by gondola up to Thyon, a small, modern winter sports center at 2,100 m (6,888 ft) forming the eastern gateway to the 4-Valleys. The Thyon area features 12 skilifts and 2 chairlifts up to 2,450 m (8,036 ft) at the Ethérolla with numerous runs of all levels; further, Thyon is well known for its large and modern snowpark, and also offers the only illuminated run for night-skiing in the region. By means of other ski- and chairlifts via the Greppon Blanc at 2,700 m (8,856 ft) and Combatzeline (2,238 m / 7,341 ft), the Veysonnaz/Thyon terrain is linked to Siviez for accessing the other sectors of the 4-Valleys.

Snow Parks:
Verbier Snow Park:
The Verbier Snowpark at La Chaux - plenty of options and fun for freestyle skiers and snowboarders
The Verbier Snowpark, located at La Chaux, boasts a large selection of different modules, such as a Bigairbag, kickers, rails, boxes, and more. There are three rides of varying levels: blue, red and black - something for every level ! The modules are secured and well maintained on a daily basis for your safety and fun.

Nendaz Snow Park:
Nendaz SnowParks - plenty of options for beginner and advanced freestyle skiers and snowboarders
Nendaz Snowparks offers different kickers, rails and boxes... For the beginners there is the Burton Progression Park available. A more advanced version is the Woodpark which is maintained daily, has two levels of difficulty, a small snow-skate park, and of course music. Coated in snow, tree trunks, branches, tables and benches are used as modules at the Nendaz Woodpark. If this is not enough, there's also a brand new SkiCross park which is open to everyone.

Thyon Snow Park:
Centralpark - the snowpark of Thyon in the 4-Valleys region is modern and well known attracting freestylers from around the world
With its "novice", "medium" and "pro" lines, the Centralpark of Thyon offers freestyle for all tastes and levels. With its 33 modules and its 5 hectares, it was voted the best snowpark of the "Suisse Romande" by the magazine Whiteout. The Centralpark also was one of the first snowparks in Switzerland; a convivial space has been set up with tables, a barbecue, deckchairs and "good sound", and throughout the season, the snowpark Centralpark of Thyon 4-Valleys hosts many events.

Verbier is the perfect base for some of the best heli-skiing in the Swiss AlpsVerbier is located in a central location for heli-skiing in the Valais Alps. Four landing places can be reached by a 15-minute flight Rosablanche (3,336 m / 10,942 ft), Petit Combin (3,672 m / 12,044 ft), Pigne d'Arolla (3,796m / 12,451 ft), and Trient Glacier (3,300-3,000 m / 10,824-9,840 ft), a 4.5 km (2.8 miles) long glacier of the Mont Blanc Massif situated in the Valais. Further heli-skiing itineraries include the Wildhorn (3,246 m / 10,647 ft) in the Bernese Alps, the Valpelline (3,802 m / 12,471 ft) at the Swiss-Italian border, or the Monte Rosa (4,100 m / 13,448 ft), the highest heli-skiing drop-off point in Switzerland - located in the Zermatt region.
Please Note: Heli-skiing tours require the company of a mountain guide or ski instructor.

SnowSports School:
Verbier Snowsports School; private and group lessons for kids and adults

Verbier has seven snowsports schools, three companies that organize mountain guides plus a few independent mountain guides. The snowsports schools offer private lessons, group lessons, specialised clinics and courses, guided tours, and performance coaching.