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in the St. Moritz - Engadin SnowSports Region

perfectly groomed runs in the Engadin Valley for skiers of all levelsThe St. Moritz - Engadin Snowsports Region offers 350 km (218 miles) of groomed runs on the mountains and hills of its ski areas. There are four areas which are not linked, but each is easily reached from St. Moritz, the main resort of the Engadin Valley. The Corviglia, St. Moritz' "local mountain" just above the resort, the Corvatsch above Silvaplana / Surlej, the Diavolezza near Pontresina, and the Zuoz snowsports area. In addition, there are a couple of other areas, mainly offering beginner-lifts. Get an overview of all snowsports areas of the St. Moritz - Engadin Region with the Map of the St. Moritz - Engadin Mountain Rides.

St. Moritz Mountain Rides provide for convenient access to the mountains of the Upper Engadin Valley57 mountain rides
starting at 1,716 m (5,629 ft) asl are accessing the snowsports areas of the St. Moritz - Engadin region up to as high as 3,303 m (10,834 ft) at the Corvatsch. There are 3 funiculars, 7 cable cars, 1 gondola, 19 chairlifts, and 27 skilifts (some of them are beginner-lifts at the base of the mountains). To get down to the villages, skiers and snowboarders have a choice of 88 different runs - 20% (18 runs with 74 km / 46 miles) are blue runs (easy), 70% (61 runs with 208 km / 130 miles) are red runs (intermediate), and 10% (9 runs with 68 km / 42 miles) are black runs (difficult).

Snowboarding on the slopes and off-piste in the mountains of the St. Moritz - Engadin regionWith its high altitude, the St. Moritz - Engadin Snowsports Region is able to guarantee snow on most of its slopes, and just in case, approx. 400 snow guns on 30% of the runs make sure, that skiing and snowboarding all the way down to the resorts is possible all season. Whatever the level of skills, or any specific interests, St. Moritz - Engadin has an offer: for children and beginners, each mountain or snowsports area features ski gardens managed by several ski schools; freestylers have fun in one of the three snow parks, and advanced skiers / snowboarders or freeriders find numerous off-piste itineraries as well as some heli-landing sites in the St. Moritz - Engadin Snowsports Region. 

St. Moritz Mountains:
Corviglia - Piz Nair:
The aerial cableway Corviglia - Piz Nair above St. Moritz provides access to attractive slopes for skiers and snowboardersFrom the center of St. Moritz Dorf, the Corviglia Funicular takes skiers and snowboarders up to the Corviglia at 2,486 m (8,154 ft), the center of this snowsports area, which further is accessed by gondola from Celerina, by cable car from St. Moritz Bad, and by ski- and chairlifts from Suvretta. There are 24 mountain rides totally, including the Piz Nair Cable Car which gets up to 3,057 m (10,027 ft), the highest point of this snowsports area. The Corviglia - Piz Nair Snowsports Area offers more than 30 runs of all levels (predominantly intermediate), some off-piste options, and the Snow Park which is well liked by freestylers. Further, there's an extensive network of winter hiking paths, some also accessing the more than a dozen mountain huts restaurants and bars that are spread over the whole area. Get an overview of the Corviglia - Piz Nair Snowsports Area with the Corviglia Ski Map.

Corvatsch - Furtschellas:
Top of Engadin - the station of the Corvatsch Cable car is the highest point of the St. Moritz Engadin Snowsports RegionThe Corvatsch Cable Car bottom station at Silvaplana-Surlej is just 7 km (4.4 miles) from the center of St. Moritz and easily reached within 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by bus. Via the Murtèl middle-station, skiers and snowboarders get up to the top of the Corvatsch at 3,303 m (10,834 ft), the region's highest point reached by a mountain ride and therefore, called "Top of Engadin". Several runs, mainly red runs, but also a couple of black and blue ones, get down the mountain back to the bottom, including a black run to St. Moritz Bad, or to other mountain rides. The Corvatsch features nine mountain rides, and via the Curtinella ski- and chairlifts is connected to the Furtschellas region with six mountain rides and the highest point at 2,800 m (9,184 ft). Thus, the Corvatsch - Furtschellas Snowsports Area totals 15 mountain rides and 21 slopes of all levels. Further, there are several off-piste runs for freeriders, freestylers find a Snow Park and the Bag Jump to practice their tricks and jumps, several mountain huts, restaurants and bars for refreshments and to relax, and finally, the Corvatsch offers nightskiing on a 4.5 km (2.8 miles) illuminated run, the longest in Switzerland. Get an overview of the Corvatsch - Furtschellas Snowsports Area with the Corvatsch Ski Map.

Diavolezza & Lagalb:
The Diavolezza near St. Moritz features the 10 km (6.2 miles) Glacier Run to MorteratschThe Diavolezza Cable Car departs from Bernina-Diavolezza which is located 16 km (10 miles) from St. Moritz, and reached within approx. 15 minutes by car, 35 minutes by train, or 30 minutes by bus. From the top of the Diavolezza (2,978 m / 9,768 ft), this snowsports area offers several red and black runs, including the Diavolezza-Morteratsch Glacier Run, with 10 km (6.2 miles) the longest run of the St. Moritz - Engadin Snowsports Region. The highest point of the Diavolezza is reached by a chairlift to the Sass Queder at 3,066 m (10,057 ft). In addition, this snowsports area features two small skilifts at the base of the mountain, and the Lagalb Cable Car at the other side of the valley gets skiers and snowboarders all the way up to the Lagalb at 2,893 m (9,489 ft). The Diavolezza-Lagalb Snowsports Area also is well known among freeriders for its off-piste tours Diavolezza - Val Arlas and Lagalb - La Rösa. Finally, the Diavolezza is the site for challenging ice climbing, and fantastic views of the Piz Bernina, the only 4,000 m (13,120 ft) peak of the Eastern Alps. Get an overview of the Diavolezza - Lagalb Snowsports Area with the Diavolezza Ski Map.

Zuoz, a small resort in the Engadine Valley with its two snowsports mountainsZuoz is located 17 km (10.5 miles) from St. Moritz, and reached within approx. 20 minutes by car or 25 minutes by train. The small resort of Zuoz has two mountains that are linked by mountain rides and slopes. Three skilifts and a chairlift start at the village and connect to the Pizzet Chairlift, which gets skiers and snowboarders up to 2,465 m (8,085 ft), the highest point of this snowsports area. There are ten runs of all levels, some off-piste skiing is possible as well, and freestylers find the Zuoz Snow Park attractive. Get an overview of the Zuoz Snowsports Area with the Zuoz Ski Map.

other Areas:
The Muottas Muragl Funicular takes visitors up to the start of a 4 km (2.8 miles) sledding runSeveral other mountain rides allow for snowsports in the St. Moritz - Engadin region. There's one skilift each in La Punt, Maloja and S-Chanf; Pontresina and Samedan have two skilifts each. These skilifts are smaller, beginner-lifts and often combined with a ski garden of the local ski school. The Languard Lift in Pontresina and the Survih Lift in Samedan are both operating in the evenings offering nightskiing on a 500 m (1,640 ft) illuminated run. Finally, the Muottas Muragl Funicular offers a 4 km (2.5 miles) toboggan run from 2,456 m (8,056 ft) down to Punt Muragl at 1,738 m (5,701 ft), as well as a winter hiking trail and a snow-shoeing trail.

Snow Parks:
Corviglia Snow Park:
Snowpark Corviglia, St. Moritz - perfectly designed lines and plenty of elements for freestylersThe Corviglia Snow Park, situated at the top of the Marguns - Corviglia Chairlift is the ultimate freestyle playground. The park is well maintained and full of cool features; there are perfectly designed lines of consecutive kicks, a wide range of rails and boxes, a corner and hits of all sizes.
Elements of the Easy Line: 6 x Easy Kicker 5 m (16.5 ft), Hip 2 m / 6 m (6.5 ft / 20 ft), 3 x Easy Roller 5 m (16.5 ft), Funbox 3 m (10 ft), Kinked Rail 4 m (13 ft), Straight Rail 4 m (13 ft), Rainbow Rail 4 m (13 ft), 2 x Easy Roller 6 m (20 ft), Step Up 5 m (16.5 ft), Funbox 6 m (20 ft), Funbox 3 m (10 ft), Funbox 4 m (13 ft);
Elements of the Medium Line: Kinked Box 8 m (26 ft), Rainbow Rail 8 m (26 ft), Wallride 2 m (5.5 ft), Side rail 6 m (20 ft), Funbox 12 m (40 ft), C-Box 8 m (26 ft), Kinked Rail 8 m (26 ft), Rainbow Rail 8 m (26 ft), Downrail 9 m (30 ft), Kicker 10 m (32.5 ft), 2 x Roller 10 m (32.5 ft), Step Up 10 m (32.5 ft).

Corvatsch Snow Park:
Freestyle Park Corvatsch, St. MoritzBagJump - an attractive offer for freestylers on the Corvatsch mountain in the St. Moritz - Engadin RegionThe Freestyle Park Corvatsch consists of different lines for all skill levels. Easy, small jumps for the kids, but also jumps with more than 25 meter (82 ft) tables for the top riders. The park consists of two box lines (gliding elements), one kicker line (jumps) and one table jump (big jump). In addition, this snowpark has more than 20 boxes (butter, straight, rainbow and curved boxes). Finally, at Corvatsch-Murtèl-Mandra, freestylers find the new BagJump - for skiers or snowboarders, for beginners or experts, for practice or just for fun - the great feeling of "landing on clouds".

Zuoz Snow Park:
Zuoz Snow Park in the St. Moritz - Engadin Snowsports Region

The Zuoz Snow Park, situated in the center of the Zuoz Snowsports Area, is ideal for freestylers trying out their first jumps and tricks. Elements: three kickers, various rails and a funbox; further, the park includes the bumps and dips of a thrilling boardercross course. The Zuoz Snow Park is constantly being extended and soon will offer additional features.

Heli-Skiing / Heli-Boarding:
Heli-Skiing / Heli-Boarding in St. Moritz - EngadinThere are three heli-landing sites in the mountains of the St. Moritz - Engadin region served from the Engiadina Airport in Samedan, or the helicopter base in St. Moritz: Fuorcla Chamuotsch (2,923 m / 9,588 ft) for wonderful off-piste skiing / boarding down the Val Suvretta or Valetta dal Güglia; Piz Corvatsch (3,451 m / 11,320 ft) with an off-piste itinerary ending in the center of the Corvatsch Snowsports Area; or Fuorcla Grischa (2,980 m / 9,775 ft) near the Piz Nair and thus, the off-piste run ends in the Corviglia Snowsports Area. Further destinations in the Bernese and the Valais Alps are possible on request.
Please Note: Heli-skiing tours require the company of a mountain guide or ski instructor.

SnowSports School:
St. Moritz Snowsports School; group- and private lessons for kids and adults
There are more than 20 Snowsports Schools in the St. Moritz - Engadin Snowsports Region offering group- and private lessons for skiers and snowboarders, children and adults; as well as guided tours and special courses on skis, snowboard, cross-country skis, telemark-skis, snowshoes, and more....