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Skiing and Snowboarding
in the Davos - Klosters Snowsports Region

Skiing in Davos - Klosters; 320 km (200 miles) of well groomed slopes and numerous off-piste options
The Davos - Klosters Ski- and Snowboard Region offers 320 km (200 miles) of groomed and well marked runs on its six mountains, the Jakobshorn, the Pischa and the Rinerhorn on the southern (left) side of the valley; the Schatzalp and the Parsenn, which also is reached from Klosters, on the northern (right) side of the valley, and the Madrisa, which is accessible from Klosters only. Get an overview of the whole ski area with the Davos - Klosters Ski Map.

more than 50 mountain rides taking skiers and snowboarders up to the Davos - Klosters snowsports mountains
51 mountain rides starting at 1,191 m (3,907 ft) asl provide for access of the various Davos - Klosters hills and mountains up to as high as 2,844 m (9,329 ft) at the Weissfluhgipfel. There are 3 funiculars, 8 cable cars, 4 gondolas, 11 chair lifts, and 26 skilifts. Depending on snow conditions, the Davos - Klosters Ski- and Snowboard Region offers as many as 110 runs of which 29 (60 km / 37 miles) are considered blue (easy), 47 runs (140 km / 87 miles) are red (intermediate), and 34 (120 km / 75 miles) are black runs (difficult).

Snowboarding in Davos - Klosters; one of the world's leading snowboarding destinationsThe Davos - Klosters Snowsports Region has it all - a 13 km (8 miles) run (from the Weissfluhgipfel to Küblis); numerous well groomed pistes, but also plenty of off-piste options; a couple of large and some smaller snow parks for freestylers - in fact, the Jakobshorn has been one of the first mountains to welcome snowboarders, and Davos-Klosters, a member of "Top Snowboard Resorts" is one of the world's leading snowboarding destinations. There are about 50 mountain huts, restaurants and bars spread over the whole region offering a variety of food and drinks, and for freeriders who want to go further and higher, there are a couple of heli-landing sites in the region. 

Davos Mountains:
Jakobshorn, Davos - Klosters; modern mountain rides and a mekka for snowboardersEver since the world's first skilift has been installed there in 1934, the Jakobshorn has been a trendsetter in snowsports. Today, the Jakobshorn at 2,590 m (8,496 ft) is accessed from Davos Platz by an aerial cableway, and in addition, features several modern chairlifts spread over the whole area, as well as a couple of skilifts and a chairlift at the bottom, which is known as the Bolgen Plaza, famous for its Après-Ski, but also offering a children ski garden, a beginner slope, and the "Bolgen Monster Pipe" with floodlight, and therefore, on some evenings also open after dark - the Jakobshorn is the ultimate fun and event mountain. Further, at the "Jatz Park" snowpark, freestylers find another atttactive feature, freeriders have fun on the various off-piste itineraries, and finally, the Jakobshorn snowsports area has two paragliding starting points, and some interesting winter hiking trails.

Pischa, Davos - Klosters; a sunny family mountain and freeriding snowsports region The Pischa Snowsports Area is reached by car or by bus within 10 minutes from Davos - Dorf. A cable car takes skiers and snowboarders up to the Pischa at 2,483 m (8,145 ft) where they find three skilifts and pistes of all levels. However, Pischa is one of Switzerland's largest and sunniest freeriding regions with well marked slopes and protected from Alpine hazards. Also families find this snowsports area attractive as it offers the Pischa Kinderland - supervised skiing and other activities for children from 3+ years. The Pischa Ski and Boardercross Track means fun and challenges for beginners as well as experienced skiers and boarders. The track is merged naturally into the landscape and is beautifully embedded into the slopes offering a thrilling mix of jumps, waves and banked curves. Finally, the Pischa Snowsports Area has added snow-biking, and also is well known for its moonlight snow-shoeing tours.

Rinerhorn, Davos - Klosters; family mountain with children ski garden
From Davos-Glaris, which is easily reached from Davos-Platz by car or by bus (included in the skipass) within 12 minutes, the Rinerhorn snowsports area is accessed by gondola to Rinerhorn - Jatzmeder. From there, six skilifts open up to the slopes, more than a dozen mainly intermediate pistes starting from as high as 2,398 m (7,866 ft) at the Juonli. The Rinerhorn is a family mountain offering a children and beginner ski garden, several walking trails and a 3.5 km (2.2 miles) toboggan run which on some days is illuminated allowing for fun after dark.

Schatzalp, Davos - Klosters; "Europe's first slowed down skiing area".From Davos - Platz, the Schatzalp 300 m (984 ft) above the resort, is reached within just a few minutes by funicular. The Schatzalp - Strela Snowsports Area offers skiing / snowboarding "as it used to be" - a chairlift and two traditional drag-lifts get skiers and snowboarders up to the Strelapass at 2, 350 m (7,708 ft), and several blue runs get them back to the valley. The gentle falling slopes are wide, well groomed and sunny, and the Schatzalp - Strela has been named "Europe's first slowed down skiing area". It further offers several well-prepared winter hiking trails, and the iluminated toboggan run Schatzalp - Davos, 2.8 km (1.8 miles) and 18 bends through the forest, and also suitable for kids and beginners.

Parsenn, Davos - Klosters; large snowsports area offering a 13 km (8 miles) run and a variety of activities for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.Davos - Parsenn - Klosters is the region's largest snowsports area offering 18 mountain rides and 36 runs. The Parsenn is accessed either from Davos Dorf by funicular to the Weissfluhjoch, or from Klosters by cable car to the Gotschnagrat. This snowsports area offers everything skiers and snowboarders, freestylers and freeriders are looking for: a 13 km (8 miles) run from the Weissfluhgipfel, at 2,844 m (9,329 ft) the highest point in the region, down to Küblis near Klosters covering 2,034 m (6,672 ft) of difference in altitude; well groomed pistes of all levels; speed measurement and a racing slope (timed and filmed giant slalom for everybody); a ski- and boardercross and a kicker for freestylers, and several off-piste itineraries for freeriders. Further, there are more than a dozen mountain huts, restaurants and bars, a 3.5 km (2.2 miles) toboggan run from Gotschnaboden to Klosters, a winter hiking trail at the Gotschnagrat, three paragliding starting points, and on Friday evenings the piste at the Rapid Chairlift is illuminated for night-time fun on the mountain.

Madrisa, Davos - Klosters; a true family mountain offering an adventure park for kids and snowsports activities for all ages and levels.The Madrisa at 1,887 m (6,190 ft) is the Klosters local mountain, accessed by gondola from the resort and further offering a chairlift and six skilifts spread over the snowsports area taking skiers and snowboarders up to as high as 2,602 m (8,535 ft) at the Rätschenjoch. The Madrisa is a true family mountain offering something for the whole family: the Madrisa Land - a fantastic adventure park covering some 90,000 m2 providing for lots of fun with its tubing run, a "steering track" for children, a ski garden, a giant slalom, a speed course with timing, and much more. Most runs of the Madrisa snowsports area are intermediate (red), but there also are a couple of blue and black ones, as well as some off-piste options, and freestylers have their own terrain which includes a snowpark and a ski / boardercross track. Finally, there are some winter hiking trails and a 8.5 km (5.3 miles) toboggan / airboarding run from Madrisa down to Saas.

Snow Parks:
Jatz Park, Jakobshorn:
The Jatz Park at the Jakobshorn, Davos - Klosters; one of the largest snow parks in the Swiss Alps.Beginner and advanced freestylers get their costs for sure at the Jatz Park, and the reputation of the parties held in the "Jatzhütte" has travelled far beyond the borders of Switzerland. The Jatz Park consisiting of 3 lines with 7 elements each, is one of the largest snow parks in the Swiss Alps.
Elements of the Medium Jib: five boxes, one rail, one pipeslide.
Elements of the Medium Slopestyle: four rollers (kickers), one double kinked box, one pipeslide, one elbow rail.
Elements of the Pro Slopestyle: one rail, four kickers (step-down, step-up, table-top), one hip (corner), one tractor tire bonk.

Madrisa Fun Park:
Rails, Kickers and Jumps at the Madrisa Fun Park, one of several snowparks in the Davos - Klosters region.

Several Rails, Kickers and Jumps, as well as the Ski- & Boardercross Track at the Glatteggen Skilift.

other Freestyle Facilities:
The Bolgen Monster Pipe, home of the O’Neill Evolution Snowboarding Contest and fun after dark at the Bolgen Plaza, an Après-Ski hot-spot at the Jakobshorn, Davos - Klosters.
Freestylers find some additional facilities in the Davos - Klosters Snowsports Region, such as the Bolgen Monster Pipe, home of the O’Neill Evolution Snowboarding Contest (at the bottom of the Jakobshorn); the Parsenn Ski- and Boardercross and a Kicker located at the Totalplift; a Ski- and Boardercross and a Kicker at the Pischa Mitteltälilft; a small Fun Park at the Rinerhorn Trainerlift; and another small Fun Park at the Selfrangalift which is a local beginner snowsports area in Klosters.

Heli-Skiing / Heli-Boarding in the Davos - Klosters Snowsports Region.The Madrisahorn (2,826 m / 9,270 ft) above Klosters is a popular heli-landing site of the Davos - Klosters Region and there are several other heli-skiing mountains that are easily reached from Davos - Klosters, such as: Clariden - Hüfifirn (2,940 m / 9,644 ft) with a fantastic glacier run to the Linthtal or the Val Rusein; the Vorab Glacier (2,967 m / 9,732 ft) down to Laax; and the Fuorcla Chamuotsch (2,923 m / 9,588 ft) or Piz Corvatsch (3,451 m / 11,320 ft) in the Engadin near St. Moritz.
Please Note: Heli-skiing tours require the company of a mountain guide or ski instructor.

Snowsports School:
group lessons with certified snowsports instructors of Davos - Klosters

More than a dozen Snowsports Schools of the Davos - Klosters Region offer group and private lessons for children and adults, beginners and advanced Skiers, Snowboarders, Telemark-Skiers, or Cross-Country Skiers, and guided tours for Powder Skiing enthusiasts, including Ski Touring and Heli-Skiing, as well as Snow Shoeing or Tandem Paragliding Rides.