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Skiing and Snowboarding
in the Crans-Montana Snowsports Region

Skiing the slopes of the Crans-Montana Snowsports region
The Crans-Montana Skiing and Snowboarding Region offers 140 km (87 miles) of groomed slopes; 39% are blue (easy) runs, 50% are red (intermediate), and 11% are black (difficult); about one third of them have snow cannons to guarantee skiing and snowboarding all season from the top all the way down to the villages. The mountains are accessed from each resort Crans, MontanaBarzettes-Violettes and Aminona, and are all linked together by mountain rides and/or slopes. Get an overview of the whole ski area with the Crans-Montana Ski Map.

Crans-Montana mountain rides for easy access of the ski slopes
21 mountain rides
starting at 1,500 m (4,920 ft) asl are accessing the hills and peaks of up to 2,927 m (9,600 ft) at the Plaine Morte. There are 5 cable cars, 6 chairlifts and 10 skilifts; in fact, there are 27 mountain rides since some of the cable cars and chairlifts have a mid-station to get in or out which is convenient since skiers and snowboarders, depending on their levels and/or depending on the slopes, do not have to go all the way up, respectively do not need to ski / snowboard all the way down to the village.

mountain huts and numerous groomed slopes as well as off-piste skiing in the Crans-Montana snowsports area
The Crans-Montana Snowsports Region offers numerous restaurants and mountain huts spread over the whole ski area, children ski garden on the mountain as well as in the resort, and it features a snowpark - the popular "Adrenaline Space". There are two paragliding starting points, and finally, plenty of off-piste challenges for freeriders - on the Crans-Montana mountains, or by means of a helicopter ride to some popular heli-skiing landing sites of the Bernese and Valais Alps.


Crans-Montana Mountains:
Crans & Montana:
The Cry d'Er - the hub of the Crans-Montana mountain rides and slopes
The Cry d'Er at 2,267 m (7,436 ft) is accessed by a gondola each from Crans as well as from Montana. Up there, several skilifts and chairlifts allow for numerous options for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, including freestylers at the "Adrenaline Space". The Cry d'Er also is the starting point for skiing / snowboarding to the other sectors of the ski region - either on the slopes of the National Express chairlift, or from Bellalui, situated at 2,543, m (8,341 ft) above the Cry d'Er and accessed by the new highspeed chairlift.

From Barzettes-Violettes, situated between Montana and Aminona, a chairlift connects directly to the Crans-Montana ski area at Cry d'Er, and a gondola gets skiers and snowboarders up to Les Violettes at 2,250 m (7,380 ft). Les Violettes is the center of the ski area, since not only several slopes and mountain rides link from/to the Crans-Montana terrain in the west and the Petit Bonvin in the east, it also is the station of the Plaine-Morte Funitel, the cable car to the Plaine-Morte Glacier, at almost 3,000 m (9,840 ft) the highest point of the region. Up there, a restaurant with terrace and fantastic views, a couple of small skilifts on the glacier, and a beautiful, wide 10 km (6.2 miles) run down to the resorts awaits skiers and snowboarders.

Mont Petit Bonvin - popular restaurant and mountain of the Crans-Montana snowsports region
Aminona's mountain is the Petit Bonvin. The gondola gets skiers and snowboarders up to 2,400 m (7,874 ft); at the top, there are 3 skilifts and a mountain restaurant which is well known for its traditional, local dishes and the great view over the Rhone Valley and Alpine Peaks. The Petit Bonvin also is popular for sledding - a 6 km (3.7 miles) run from the top all the way down to the resort, and for torchlight descents after a cheese fondue at the popular restaurant.

Snow Parks:
The Adrenaline Space snowpark in Crans-Montana offers numerous activities for freestyle skiers and snowboarders
Crans-Montana is presenting one of the largest snowparks in the Valais Alps and all of Switzerland, covering a total surface of 100,000 square meters (more than 1 million square feet) with three lines and several rails, boxes and kickers. in addition, the "Adrenaline Space" includes a halfpipe, a learner snowpark for beginning freestylers, and a skicross / boardercross run. Plenty of fun at this sunny place on the Cry d'Er mountain !

Heli-Skiing from Crans-Montana to spectacular sites in the Bernese and Valais AlpsSeveral heli-skiing landing sites in the Bernese and the Valais Alps are easily reached from Crans-Montana: Rosablanche (3,336 m / 10,942 ft), Petit Combin (3,672 m / 12,044 ft), Pigne d'Arolla (3,796m / 12,451 ft), Trient Glacier (3,300-3,000 m / 10,824-9,840 ft), a 4.5 km (2.8 miles) long glacier of the Mont Blanc Massif situated in the Valais, and the Wildhorn (3,246 m / 10,647 ft) in the Bernese Alps.
Please Note: Heli-skiing tours require the company of a mountain guide or ski instructor.

SnowSports School:
Ski and Snowboard group- and private lessons with certified Snowsports instructors in Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana has five snowsports schools offering ski- and snowboard-group and private lessons for children and adults, and guided tours including snowshoeing, off-piste and heli-skiing. Some schools also offer special camps and organize other outdoor activities (e.g. snow-biking).